The Beginner’s Guide to Proxy Servers

If you’ve come across this term for the first time, we’ll start from the very beginning. A proxy server, which is also often called proxy, is what you may observe when browsing the Internet. It serves as a mask for your IP address and protects your personal data.
How does it work? It’s quite simple. When you have it and send any request to a website, the request goes to your proxy server instead. The server then connects to the website, retrieves the data, and sends it to you. The website won’t see your IP address because, technically, another IP reached the site. What’s more, the server encrypts the data, so that your personal information like billing address or credit cards won’t turn up in the wrong hands. Go to and buy a proxy server in case you still don’t have one. You’ll immediately see the numerous advantages.
You should also know that proxies can be of various kinds. They range on the level of security they provide and the number of extra features they might have. For instance, it can store the information from the websites you visit and let you browse the Internet faster (using the stored data). In addition, they can let you bypass some geo-limits for the websites. You might have noticed that some websites are out of your reach because of your location. Many stores and other sites have restrictions based on the country of user’s location. When you use a proxy server or VPN, you’ll “appear” from another country. They’ll let you choose the IP address from the country you need.
Speaking about the level of protection, there are basically 3 types of proxy servers. The anonymous proxies aim to protect your identity, the transparent ones, for example, don’t hide your IP at all. Based on why you need a proxy, you can choose from reverse, distorting, transparent, anonymous, and other types of proxy servers.
It’s often useful to use proxies when you go online on social media. Visit to find out how to browse Facebook safely. In addition, you’ll be able to browse your social media faster.
When you choose a proxy, you’ll see that there are free and paid options. In case you want to feel protected and safe using a proxy, you’d better spend a few dollars and buy one from a reliable seller.